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g. olmo stuppia, introducing Utero Laguna project for Biennale Art Collage 2021 Open Call 

Utero Laguna 

subheading: Sophia-Shakti-Shekinah (the one who stands under the tent)

author: g. olmo stuppia

technique: complex environment consisting of three videos, glass sculptures, maps and speakers (possible hut, shelter tent or clearing type environment or even side space, cavity between two Biennale’s decayed or semi-abandoned buildings). 



Utero Laguna is a project of video, glass sculpture, poetry and performance that aims to create a large dedicated site-specific installation for the Biennale Collage 2021 call, consecrated to three existential islands: first of all, to Venice, but also with strong references and reverberations of Sicily and Paris (Île-de-France). Three emblematic places of a certain cosmopolitan and poetic culture, which summarizes a pure mental and visionary state elevated as a nourishing and mysterious femininity. Starting from the artist’s intuition, Venice, Sicily and the Île-de-France (Paris), considered as visions, poetically rise to the metaphor of a sort of Uterus of Europe. Utero Laguna is structured starting from three video portraits and countless artistic gestures to be summarized in a large site-specific installation consisting of multiple medium for a room or for a cavity, even in a semi-abandoned Biennale’s site such as the Arsenale Nord (next to the Submarine of the Navy or the Biennale’s Corderie, where the installation by Tania Bruguera was placed in 2015 and where the artist worked as a performer in 2015) or in a hut specifically built inside the Biennale Gardens, for example, in the interstices between the France Pavilion and the England Pavilion.


The project aims at being a sculptural tribute to the path of continuous growing, nourishing from places and giving everything to places, which is typical of the artist's way of existence.

g. olmo stuppia, Utero Laguna, Rendering of fabric print on behalf of the installation, 3 monitors 9:16 (center), 4:3 (sides), Utero Laguna is redesign in female based "gaze" and intellectual rendering of a "Unique gesture" on sensitivity about the  three islands of my life, the European Uterous, 2021 

installations VIDEO'S HERE 

g. olmo stuppia, Utero Laguna, Rendering of fabric print on behalf of the installation, three islands of my life, (print of Bevilacqua Textile, red baroque) 2021 
Schermata 2021-07-26 alle 20.28.17.png

g. olmo stuppia, Uteri, central video at 9:16 feat. Silvia Fontana, 2021

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