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On Jan. 15, 1919, Kurt Vogel , a monarchist and fascist official, killed and dumped the body of fellow Pole and scholar Rosa Luxembourg in Berlin's Landwerk Kanal. 

Rosa had expressed a happy militancy, a unique way of life and an anti-Soviet and anti-capitalist voice together. 

The video Rosae Rosa feeds on her poetic vision of space and generates a visual and illegal rupture on April 1 and 2, 2023 in Berlin. 


For DUCATO23 , I present Rosae Rosa, a site-specific video for the spaces of the Volumnia Church, formerly the Church of St. Augustine. A video that reasons about the figure of Rosa Luxembourg as a literary woman and as a European revolutionary, as the source of Heraclitus' "Panta rei," innovated in a new key.

A young Palestinian-Italian performer lifts and tosses bouquets of roses and flowers into the water at the spot where fascist and monarchist Kurt Vogel threw the body of comrade Luxembourg. 

The minimal action aims to create a spiral that blocks the Cartesian view of time, giving a special hit et nunc in the canon of gaze.



Gaze distribution is political and romantic at the same time, we need to deep dig into to extract alive material for Rosa Luxembourg, Tina Anselmi, Patrizia Cavalli and Simone Weil, our heroines of 20th Century.  

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